Families Summit of Minds
Charlevoix, QC, Canada, November 15-17, 2019

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Our world is increasingly complex. Leaders must now reflect upon the far-distant futures of their enterprises.  Our immediate actions today have deeper and longer- term implications: decisions have multi-faceted economic, societal and environmental consequences.

How best to address these recurrent unknowns? The Monthly Barometer and Business Families Foundation have joined forces to tackle this question and many others in the inaugural Families Summit of Minds.

About the Event

Bringing together thought leaders from enterprising families to act nimbly on their futures has long constituted Business Families Foundation’s DNA. Since 2015, the Monthly Barometer’s Summit of Minds has attracted international mavens to address global issues through frank, open discussion in an inspired and inspirational yet relaxed environment.

In this new rendering, the Families Summit of Minds makes its North American debut. Conceived for both senior and next-generation family members, the summit deftly brings participants into an atmosphere of trust and mindfulness while engaging guests through revitalizing activities set in exceptional natural locations that reinvigorate the mind, body and spirit.

Families Summit of Minds crosses age and gender lines. It explores intergenerational issues and seeks paths for next-gens to Dream-Dare-Do, combining insights and investible ideas for blue-sky thinking with like-minded guests.

Families Summit of Minds follows three themes: (1) family enterprise, (2) macroeconomics and geopolitics, and (3) well-being.

To offer our guests maximum interaction and cross-inspiration, all elements of the program are structured as conversations and collective brainstorming. Prominent thinkers or practitioners frame the conversation, but everybody at the summit is a speaker. Add your own personal ingredient and stir the pot.

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