A Unique Experience Combining Insights, Wellbeing and Investible Ideas with a focus on the great outdoors.

Every September, the Summit of Minds brings together 300 exceptional individuals (drawn from the Monthly Barometer’s exclusive global network) in an exceptional place to:

  • Better understand today’s world and our place in it
  • Get a sense of what tomorrow’s world will be
  • Enhance our capacity to make better personal, investment and strategic decisions


We set ourselves some ambitious goals – to inspire our guests with tangible outcomes and see them walk away from the Summit of Minds with at least:

  • a new idea
  • a new friend
  • a new project

Once again, last year, our guests’ response to whether we had succeeded was a resounding “yes”! In 2017, 100% of our participants left Chamonix with a new idea and a new friend. Almost 80% initiated a new project (more often than not, a club-deal).


Favoured by an exceptional and energizing environment, the gathering combines thinking and learning with mindfulness and discovery in an atmosphere of trust, friendliness and informality.

Substantial parts of the programme are spent in the midst of the awe-inspiring Mont-Blanc mountain range.

For those keen to experience this exceptional place to the full, different activities are on offer (in particular: climbing, hiking, sightseeing), organised and accompanied by professional guides from Mountain Path. These shared outdoor activities and time spent mindfully in an awe-inspirig natural environment create a special alchemy between participants. It is this that makes the Summit of Minds truly unique.


PDF_file_icon_24x24Click here to download the current draft programme.

The Summit of Minds is an ideas fair. Prominent thinkers, investors and business leaders kick off the conversation, but thereafter everybody is invited, indeed encouraged, to contribute.

As in previous years, the programme of 2018 will be woven around two major threads:

  1. Global macro trends (economic, geopolitical, societal, environmental and technological) and how they affect investment and strategy
  2. Wellbeing – a prerequisite for adjusting to and benefiting from the complexity, celerity and volatility of today’s and tomorrow’s world

In addition, sessions and workshops on particular topics of relevance to our participants will be integrated on-demand. To actively encourage this, we will hold a series of “Ideas’ Dinner” in various locations around the world in Q1 and Q2 of 2018.

In 2018, we guarantee some very unusual and exciting formats that you will never have experienced before!

Previous Editions

PDF_file_icon_24x24Click here to download the 2017 Programme.

PDF_file_icon_24x24Click here to download the 2017 Insight Report.


The Summit of Minds is an “exclusive” community event, by invitation only.

  • Participation fee: € 3,700.00

The fee includes the participation of a subscriber to The Monthly Barometer and his or her partner in all programme activities . It does not include travel and accommodation.

For more information

The Monthly Barometer
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The Annual Summit of Minds will take place at the Congress Centre in Chamonix.

Geneva International Airport is an hour away from Chamonix by car. You are responsible for making your air and ground transportation arrangements, but if you would like us to help you by booking a taxi, minibus, or limousine, please let us know.


We have negotiated preferential rates with all the major hotels in Chamonix. Unless your accommodation is booked directly by the Summit of Minds’ team, please contact directly the hotel of your choice from the list below:

HameauAlbert 1er : https://www.hameaualbert.fr
Groupe Mont-Blanc Collection: https://www.montblanc-collection.com
Hotel Alpina: https://www.alpinachamonix.com
Hotel Prieuré: http://www.prieurechamonix.com
Parc Hotel Suisse: http://www.chamonix-park-hotel.com
Grand Hotel des Alpes: http://www.grandhoteldesalpes.com

To benefit from our preferential rate, please quote Summit of Minds September 2018 when booking.
Should you need any help, we are here for you! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Clémentine at: summitofminds@mountain-path.com